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What is ‘Brusselen’?

Everybody knows that sudden and mostly unexpected, but unidentifiable feeling. It doesn’t happen that often, but it creates a state of mind to cherish. One that opens our senses, as if we take off the skins of our eyes and the plugs out of our ears. Sometimes it lasts no longer than a quarter of an hour, but we’re talking about those lost moments in which nothing has to and everything can be. In which hurry leaves the stage to quietness.

Whatever we do with this stolen time is difficult to predict. The possibilities are endless, a choice is final. We go and sit on a bench, underneath a tree or next to the water. We hide in a coffee bar. We scroll through the news on our smartphone or read a book. We look around and think. We walk into a museum or gallery. We go for a stroll, turn into an unknown street or choose a fascinating store.

The shortest way to your destination is to go left, but you prefer to go right. You want to go up, but you go down. And your surroundings aren’t part of the background anymore. They intrude upon you, they are present.

If this feeling takes you by surprise in Brussels, and if you dare to take other than the paved roads and let the city get into you, consciously or unconsciously, then you are doing ‘Brusselen’ – which can be translated as ‘to Brussels’. It is an activity that derives her name from what is perhaps the most stubborn capital in Europe, but nevertheless can be practiced elsewhere.

That is what we strive for with this blog. We move and look around, we listen and talk. And that’s what we write about.

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